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New year, same me... but better this time around.

Hello Family! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s a new year, and it is so tempting to make a long list of “New Year’s Resolutions”. Am I right??

Have you made a 'New Year's Resolution' list?

  • yea!

  • nope, I'm just here for the vibes

  • It's not really a list.. I just have 1 goal... for now

  • hmmm I don't know

We tend to ask one another what goals we have for the new year and often times we don’t have a realistic course of action that’ll help us to accomplish said goals. I’ve done virtual and in-person vision board parties to help me “paint a picture” of how I want the year to roll out.

Lets be real… How often do we follow through? Are the vision boards and parties helping?

<<if they work for you, snaps to you family!>>

My biggest downfall when setting goals for the new year is that I’m cramming 5 years worth of personal, professional and other goals into 1 year. It could happen, but why be focused on the destination when you can live in and enjoy the journey. Instead of only putting the house, the car or the cute couple picture on your vision board, or inside a journal, try adding specific notes on how you hope to accomplish those things.

If I want a new car, I will need to make notes about the financial steps I need to take to get it (i.e. increasing savings, high credit score, financing plan).

Don’t feel pressured to know what you want out of the year just because other people are doing it. I have so much on my 2022 vision board that I’ve yet to accomplish yet, so I plan on sticking to that “script” for this year.

Setting goals, writing out your vision, establishing resolutions for the year and having a plan for your life shouldn’t bring you stress. Set your intentions for what you hope to accomplish and why you hope to accomplish it, then go from there.

Here’s a few more things that could help:


New year new you doesn’t have to mean you have to accomplish becoming that “new you” or the best version of yourself alone. We need community (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). Let people in, share your dreams and ask people you trust to hold you accountable. People who love you, care about you and have the capacity to be an accountability partner for you will be just that.

I DARE YOU to let God into your plan

We all know that saying, “Man plans God laughs”. Don’t be the punchline of the joke when you can own the comedy show. Why work towards anything that God doesn’t want you to have? God could want far bigger and better for you in this season. So, welcome Him into your year alongside those resolutions and goals (Proverbs 16:9).

TRUST ME, 'New Year’s Resolution' burn out is R E A L

When the goals I set for the year aren’t realistic, I tend to give up by February 1st if not sooner than that. I won’t be a gym rat and physical fitness expert by tomorrow, January 30th nor February 29th.. probably not by December either. I do have the capacity to be fit, to add cardio to my weekly routine and to do my YouTube Zumba a couple days a week AND THAT’S OKAY. Set yourself up for success. Set obtainable goals and be realistic about your capacity. If that’s spending more time with God, reading more books, learning a new language, becoming better at setting boundaries, taking better care of your mental health or ANYTHING else, do it in steps… baby steps. Life is a journey not a sprint.

I’ll check-in on how goal setting is going throughout the year.. we can all hold each other accountable. Comment any goals you may have for 2023 and how you hope to accomplish them. You never know, sharing your goals could encourage and influence someone to se their own.

I love you. Jesus loves you MOST.

Hang in there. Keep your head up, and if you can’t that’s okay too.

Happy New Year!

Xoxo Miss Ponder

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