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Lessons from this Season of Transition <3

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Hello Family,

It has been a while since I’ve posted, and all I can say is life has been a whirlwind.


I’ve recently graduated from THE University of Alabama with my Bachelor of Communications degree (#Alumstatus – SO HEAVY ON 'THE' Championship School :).

Alongside my family, I lost and grieved for my late grandfather. I spent a couple of months after graduation in Atlanta figuring out what my “next steps” were, spending time with my loved ones, working and saving... and now I’m here.

I’ve moved to the Midwest, was blessed with a job in my career field and I am quickly having to adjust to adulthood. THIS HAS NOT BEEN EASY!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and was sharing how overwhelming everything has been. I made the point to bring up all the things I felt “no one tells you” about following your dreams and figured it’d be insightful to someone if I shared some points brought up.


  • Your perspective and your words can warp a good thing into something miserable and messy if you’re not careful. -- Naturally, change is often uncomfortable and difficult. When I took the leap of faith in following my dreams north of home and moving away from my family, friends, and comfort zone I was sad. Now, how crazy does that sound? “took the leap of faith following my dreams... I was sad”

OUR EMOTIONS MATTER and THEY’RE IMPORTANT. It’s also important that we don’t find ourselves swimming in a pool of pessimism trying to validate our feelings. There is a thin line between being saddened and being pessimistic. So, as you navigate your emotions towards change try being optimistic even when you're feeling low emotionally.

  • Just because you are alone does not mean you are lonely – living in my own space has been a sheer privilege after years of college housing with different roommates every year. While exploring living in a new city with a small support system, it's tempting to confuse being alone and feeling lonely. Here is the difference: Alone- to be the only one physically present in your space vs. Lonely- to lack companionship | You don’t have to be lonely just because you’re alone

  • YOU NEED YOU – After a busy week of work oftentimes you are exhausted and in need of time to yourself by yourself. I’ve struggled heavily with this because since I'm far from family and friends I try to overcompensate for my absence my being present virtually. I’m that friend that's scheduling Facetime and phone calls back-to-back like a CEO of a fortune 500 company... ANDDD I need to stop *inserts laughing emoji if I could*

What good is all my efforts to be there for those I care about if the person I should care for the most is getting little to no care? What good am I as a daughter, sister, friend, acquaintance, or coworker if I'm sacrificing every part of my life for others and leaving myself with nothing?

I understand this is faith-based motivation, that is why most people read my post. However, in addition to soul-care you MUST also care for yourself (body, mind, health, energy). As I continue to get to know this new life better, my deepest hope is that I'll have the courage to get to know A’Leeyah better. My second deepest hope is that you (all who read this) will also choose to make space to get to know yourself deeply and intently because you deserve that.

Be Fruitful & Be Free #FruitfulFridays #Sharethefruit

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