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Be careful what you ask for...

Hey Family!

One thing about me... when I feel like I’m not in a place to share I will definitely step back from a situation, people and responsibilities to ensure I am not spreading my mess on those I care for.

I step back from this blog almost the same time every year, and I noticed that the problem is that I’ve had the wrong idea about these messages for too long. I come here with the expectation that God will use the things I’m going through to shine light on how he can be in the situations you wrestle with and live through daily also. I haven’t been as transparent as I could be though…

I bring scriptures and gifs with the hope that I can relate and engage with you in the best way possible… but it was never about that.

After running from everything ‘Holy’ since around September I’ve found myself having a whole lot to say about my relationship with God and who God shows up as in my life, but I refused to share it out of fear of what people would think. No one actually wants to be disagreed with or judged especially when it pertains to their relationship with God. Again, I’ve had the wrong perspective.

We grow through things together… whether you’re in Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Houston, Tuscaloosa, Germany or anywhere else you are not alone as you grow through things.

That’s what this space is for...

I apologize for realizing this so late. So, I said all of that to encourage you to be careful what you ask for. I asked for a space to share my life with those I know, and don’t know, who could benefit from seeing how there is beauty in imperfection, growing pains and becoming the best version of you.

I’ve asked for companionship, emotional entanglements, job opportunities, friends and faith-based communities in various points in my life, MULTIPLE TIMES. God answered EVERY SINGLE TIME TOO. Some of the answers make me sick when I think back... like God why would you let that happen to me? Why would you let that person come in my life AND STAY? Why would you allow me to fall for that? Why couldn’t the community see me for me? Why do you keep answering these CRAZY PRAYERS when you know the outcome?!

I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON, but I think you all get the point. As we transition to the end of the year and start preparing ourselves for New Year’s resolutions, I just want to you to ‘Be For Real’ with yourself, with God and with those around you. Don’t ask for things that you don’t actually want. Be aware and intentional about what you’re asking for. Start preparing for the answer before you even ask the question because it’s never too early to prepare for something you want/need.

Love you much! Jesus loves you more!

Be blessed family. Keep your head up, and if you can’t that’s okay too.

Xoxo Miss Ponder

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Dec 18, 2022

I'm proud of you sis

- Erica

A'Leeyah Ponder
A'Leeyah Ponder
Jan 05
Replying to

Thank you sis! I love and appreciate you!

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