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All these good things, and you still need more?

Hello Family!


You come home from work and you want to rest, eat, and watch your favorite show (episodic series, movie or the game). After you do everything you’ve wanted to do, the only thing left is preparing for work and going to bed. You're having to choose between reading your bible, scrolling on social media or going to sleep. You choose to lay in your bed, open the bible, and fall asleep "reading".

Have you ever been this person?

  • yea, most definitely

  • nope

  • i'd rather not answer that one...

Well, this is me.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve found myself slowly drifting away from God. Although i’ve reached the point where I am walking into many of the things I hoped, prayed, and fasted for... for some reason I feel like something is missing. So, what happens when you have “a lot of good” and you’re still feeling like you need more?

Dig deeper... FIND THE ROOT! Now I have to ask myself harder questions…

Where is Jesus? Have I welcomed Him into the answers of my prayers and petitioning? Have I laid down the cross to submit myself to everything I’ve received?

The Holy Spirit is EVERYWHERE! However, the Lord will not interrupt your schedule (nor mine), nightly routine, nor any other plans you have. So, Jesus is waiting… on me, to invite Him in by opening up my heart and my schedule to quality time with Him.

Acknowledging my need for God has come at the expense of my pride, independence, and self-sufficiency; it’s worth it though. It wasn’t until THIS WEEK that I realized the reason I’ve felt out of my rhythm is because I was relying on myself for answers, clarity, peace, and healing.

It is so tempting to rely on our own strength, our own understanding, and our own human wisdom. However, without God nothing in us nor through us will be made complete. I guess that’s why scriptures like these resonate so much:

Proverbs 3:5-6

Proverbs 16:9

1 Corinthians 1:27

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Romans 8:28

Philippians 1:6

God isn’t a genie. We don’t rub the bible, say a name, make a wish and watch our wish come true. The genie method lacks sacrifice. God is a father, a friend, a creator and so much more. He wants the best for us. If we really dig deep, often times we avoid God when we’ve been hurt by people, when our worst fears have happened, when we’ve been triggered and our trauma is controlling our life decisions.

I’ve struggled to seek God because I am hurt. We pray for things to work out in our favor, people to stay in our lives, and the resilience to fight for the things we believe in… but often times no amount of prayer will allow something to happen that was never meant to.

No amount of prayer will make someone you’re fond of stay in your life longer than God wants them to. No amount of fasting will remove certain people out of your life. No amount of scripture reading will make you the holiest person in the world.

A relationship with God is the only thing that can make everything I listed, and even the things I didn’t, possible to overcome and move beyond. The goal with God is never to destroy and damage PEOPLE. God wants you to be fulfilled, restored, and healed, where you can point more people to the doctor (God) who wiped your tears and healed your wounds.

May we both grow to see how valuable a relationship with God truly is. May we grow to understand that without God many things are impossible. May we grow to see God as a father and not a genie.

I love you and Jesus loves you most. Stay Fruitful! <3

#fruitfulfriyay ! We made it to Friday! Have a blessed STRESS FREE weekend!

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Jul 23, 2022

An absolutely awesome word Nu!! Thanks for sharing!!!🧡

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