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You have to believe in YOU

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The other day, I was sitting at my desk thinking about how I ended up getting the job I currently have…

Honestly, I worked really hard and I did my best to make a faith-filled decision to trust God with my future. All the hard work, prayers, and tireless nights paid off.

To be extremely honest: I struggled to believe I would be a paid full-time journalist after college. The accomplishments, good grades, and awards were not enough for me… I needed to see those in my shoes believe I could do it too. My dreams would be real once everyone I looked up to believed I could do it.

One day, someone I looked up to didn’t believe in my immediate dream and discouraged me from pursuing it. They told me it’d be easier to get a job in another newsroom position, and that I didn’t have the experience to serve as a reporter. I WAS CRUSHED. I wrestled with what they said and even doubted my ability to get my dream job after graduation.

In September of 2021, I was extremely unqualified for the job I have now, nevertheless God had a plan that I could not see at the moment and I had to trust Him. I spoke with someone else that mentored me in my professional space and shared how discouraged I felt. She told me that I should never allow someone to discourage me from pursuing my dream.

Today I am walking out the prayers that I was too fearful to pray. I am reporting in a city that I am growing to love, for a company that I value, with people who are passionate about sharing the truth.

My charge to you is this… remember the only one that can stop you is you. You have a dream, business plan, podcast, talent and/or gift that YOU can see yourself walking into the fullness of, so DO IT. REMEMBER, sometimes we seek validation from people who won’t see the dream and that’s okay. When someone you care about or look up to doesn’t see your dream or vision, remember God told YOU not them (and most of the time He didn’t tell the other person because it was assigned to YOU).

God never gives you a vision without provision. Believe the best for your life.

God qualifies the unqualified.

Name any bible character and you’ll see that many of the people God chose to walk out His purpose were not considered “the best fit for the job” according to human beings (i.e. Moses [Exodus 3:1-4:20], David [1 Samuel 17:12-58], etc.).

Following your dreams, goals, business plans, gifts and/or talents doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you. Don’t give up. The world is waiting for you to believe in you.

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06 Ağu 2022



06 Ağu 2022

This is indeed a good word…thanks for sharing Leeyah! 💜

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